Pamela Standish, CEO

Hello, my name is Pamela Standish, CEO of Usable Space Interiors. Welcome and thank you for visiting our website!


My passion for organization, color, and interior design began as a young girl. Throughout the past 20+ years, I have been involved in interior design, organization, staging and renovations. I believe that interior design is not just about being creative and having an eye for harmonizing color, but it is also about having the ability to understand the “big picture”, the “most minute detail”, and “how they tie together”.


My personal goal with each client is to combine comfort, balance, and functionality into a beautiful environment, while maintaining their budget. Clients often ask me, what is my design “style”? I genuinely love it all (mid-century, modern, rustic, traditional, farmhouse, vintage…you name it), however, I do my best to make my design style and focus on individualized style by identifying what my clients design goals and challenges are, verses imposing my style onto them.


As a result, I tend to design homes that progress over time, and reflect each client’s ever-evolving lifestyles…while focusing on long-term, timeless pieces.


At the end of the day, Usable Space Interiors wants your home to reflect your personality – not ours.  We let our client’s passions and interests dictate the feel of the home.


Whether a client “knows” what look they are trying to achieve, or has no idea where to begin, we can provide a fresh set of eyes to make your design direction more clear and concise.


From a new build and renovation perspective, I think my love for beautiful kitchens stems from my love of cooking. As a Korean-Italian woman, wife and mom… (for a family of 5), good food and creative cooking has been central to our family life, thus, having a functional, yet, beautiful environment to work in, has become as passion for me… not only in my own home, but for me at my work.  Hence, my passion for kitchen design has morphed into my obsession for bathroom design. I just love all kinds of textiles, tile, marble, granite, stone, cement, & wood.


At Usable Space Interiors, we recognize there are so many wonderful options out there, and choosing an interior designer is a very personal choice. We appreciate your interest in our company, and look forward to helping fulfill your design needs.


Thank you again for considering Usable Space Interiors as your first step in making your house a home!


All my best,