Simple Centerpiece idea…

August is here and although it is still very hot here in NashVegas, soon, we will be approaching my favorite season Fall!  The only thing I like more than the fall, is buying all those school supplies… I don’t know what I love more? Organization & order, or making things beautiful & usable…hum?

Anyways, as the kiddos return back to school, and we cease late night movies and return back to our normal routines, why not enjoy whats left of the summer, and enjoy a family meal outside on the patio?  As the sun goes down, and the summer evening breeze is finally starting to form, setting up a fun, casual dinner outside for your family after a long day at school and work doesn’t take much effort if you have the right tools and ideas.  Using centerpieces for a pretty table-scape shouldn’t be reserved just for guests… Make your family feel extra special by adding a few additional touches to the table.  It does not have cost a lot of money and is simple to do.



Here is an easy centerpiece for you to create.  You what you’ll need:
– 1 large terracotta pot or plant pot of choice (this one measures 8.25″)
– 1 smaller terracotta pot (this one measures 4″)
– Sand and gravel stones
– Potting soil
– Succulents, flowers, evergreens or a plant of choice
– Pillar candle (this one measures 4″)
– Hurricane vase (optional)



Step 1. Place a piece of scrap wood at the bottom of the larger pot to help elevate the smaller pot.
Step 2. As the scrap wood may seal the drainage hole at the bottom of the large pot, place a combination of sand and gravel stones in the pot to absorb some moisture.
Step 3. Fill the larger pot with potting soil.
Step 4. Dig a hole in the center of the larger pot deep enough that the smaller pot can sit flush (also ensure there is equal space around the circumference)




Step 5. Plant desired plants all around pot as desired.

Note: For this example, I choose succulents for this project as they do not require a lot of moisture and have smaller root balls, making them easier to plant.
Step 6: Rest candle inside smaller pot.

You can also use a citronella candle in place of the pillar candle if you’d like to keep the bugs away. Just ensure the smaller pot is not flush, but sits higher than the plants to avoid any fire hazards.