Fabulous Fall

Fabulous Fall

fall-pressed-leaves-225x300decor2Hands down, this is my most favorite season, I love everything about it, everything!

The gorgeous colors that surround us, the cooler weather, Oktoberfest… not to forget the wonderful food and gathering of family & friends that this season brings. I have to say however, what I love most about this time of year, is how this season inspires the interior designer in all of us.  This is the season of decorating.  From Halloween, Fall Décor, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s…. I thoroughly enjoy taking in all the creative ideas from each family’s interior designer. 🙂

Below are some ideas I want to pass along, as you prepare to decorate this fall…

Fall InsideAcorn-frames-225x300

Pretty “Leaf Pressings” can be that little touch, that makes your indoor Fall Decor polish a room.  Personally, I like to focus on a small isolated area, which can set the mood for an entire space.  A great example of this could be your hearth room.  Making the buffet, a corner piece, or the center of your table as a focal point, with some lovely pressed leaves, or an Acorn Frame (hot glue gun works best), along side with (Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, or a decorative Turkey for Thanksgiving), is something you can use for the entire fall season.  You can add a berry-covered branch or a branch with multi-colored leaves for a simple, yet elegant mantel display.

Fall-centerpiece-225x300Everyone loves a little Bling!

A simple display of mini pumpkins or gourds can add to a very stylish centerpiece just by adding some height.  You don’t need to go out and buy more stuff.  Perching the pumpkins on candlesticks, plates and bowls you already have, will allow for more interest. By painting them with metallic silver spray paint, you can create a glitzy effect, that will provide pizzazz to your table…. Who says bling is only what you wear??



Don’t Rake your Leaves!! Leave-Garland-300x300

Collect those falling leaves in your yard … it’ a lot more fun than raking.  Purchase a inexpensive letter from a craft store and hot glue those gorgeous leaves to it – add a ribbon, and  hang it  on  your door in place of a traditional wreath.

Need another great idea to avoid raking??? String an assortment of those gorgeous leaves, and make garland.  Then cascade them on your mantle with those glittery pumpkins, other holiday décor  and now your mantle will look like a professional came in to help.

As I always say, each room in your home is “truly” the backdrop for some of your most personal and precious memories.  As this entertaining season begins, (and snapshots are plenty), let your home reflect the warmth, style, and personality of you and your family.