Exterior Lighting

lighting_01_1024-300x200Exterior Lighting

Now that spring is officially here and summer is around the corner, one fabulous way to make your home more inviting is to invest some time and money into installing exterior lighting.

Not only does this provide the added security your home deserves, but it also makes your yard look as beautiful at night, as it does during the day.



The easiest of all lights to use is decorative, solar-powered landscape lights because they require no wiring. Simply place them in a sunny spot, and when dusk arrives, they come on automatically to light the way for guests, or to accent a garden area.

Guide the Wayexterior-asian-garden-decor-with-commercial-exterior-lighting-225x300

Lead guests to the front door with a path of lights set along the walkway. For the most pleasing look, choose soft, non-glaring fixtures that direct most of the light downward.

Low Voltage, High Impact

A string of low-voltage lighting is the perfect solution for brightening a shady bend along a walkway. It’s a low-cost, easy, do-it-yourself solution for illuminating a path and highlighting plantings.

Add drama to your front yard by spotlighting a front yard focal point. Up-lighting provided by spotlights accentuates the texture of tree trunks and creates a pleasing glow on foliage.

ext-light1-300x300Outline a Bed

Inexpensive rope lighting creates a great uplighting effect when placed on the back of landscape bed edging. Roll out the tube lighting and pin it in place with landscape staples for a hidden glow.

Whether or not you need help designing inside or out, we at Usable Space Interiors can help you.  Hope these ideas inspire you to make the outside a beautiful reflection of your style.