Summer Decor

Hot summer afternoon and thinking about what you can do to spruce up your home inexpensively? Often times, used and antique items can make the most interesting decor.  Not only do re-purposed pieces add character to your space, but in the process, you’re also recycling/creating new life into items that would otherwise be discarded.

This fun Farmhouse Floral Holder is perfect for bringing dimension to an empty corner in your home, while utilizing objects you may otherwise throw away! I have also used mason jars and old glass votive(s) from old candles as well.

Not sure if you want to use this as décor for displaying your fresh cut flowers as displayed below? How about displaying this in your in your home office, to organize your paperclips, rubber bands, etc. Functional and cute!



You don’t need a flower display or an office organizer? By changing out the jars for old doorknobs or some fun hardware, you can create this, “drying herb rack” below instead.

It is no secret I love to cook. That said, I do feel there is no comparison on fresh herbs verses store bought. Instead of wasting fresh herbs that are not needed for a while, why not preserve them in this practical, yet pretty display. Be sure to inspect your herbs periodically for any signs of mold or pests (i.e. spiders) and remove any leaves that show signs of either of these.  Once your herbs are dry (approx. 1-2 weeks), you can separate the leaves from the stems and place your dried herbs into old spice bottles, mason jars, or any empty container with a lid you have sitting around.

                                                      Untitled     Untitled

Since some herbs have a higher moisture content (like basil, lemon, mint, etc.) and could start to mold if they are not dried quickly enough, there are lots of alternative methods to drying. Try setting them on a cookie sheet in the oven at very low temps or hanging them close to a fireplace. Just be sure to do your research beforehand.

The rule of thumb when cooking with dried herbs is to use about 1/4 or 1/2 less dried herbs than fresh in a recipe, and vice-versa.  Happy cooking and decorating with your herbs!