December is here….

I can’t believe it? Wow, has this year flown by… it really feels like yesterday I was blogging about getting organized for the fresh, new year? However, before we blink and lose this precious moment, let’s enjoy this holiday season, and focus on not get weighed down by the additional responsibilities that come with this joyous season.

Christmas is such a special and sentimental time of year for all of us. Bundling up next to the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, listening to Christmas music in the car with the kiddos, or simply enjoying the cool weather –how I love those brisk walks with my dog Sparks at 5 am during this time of year. 🙂

As with many families, one of our personal favorite Christmastime traditions is gift giving. Receiving is always a fun surprise, but it is soooo exciting for our family to give.   All the excitement of shopping and wrapping –  just knowing how much your loved ones will love their gift.

This time of year always reminds me of a little embarrassing secret of mine.  When I was little,  I wanted to be a professional gift wrapper. Little did I know at the time there was no such job, but all the same this was one of the multiple occupations I want to pursue.  I just loved all those fancy papers, the fancy two-sided tape, and OH MY those decorative toppers…don’t even get me started.

In college I even worked one season at a department store in their gift-wrapping department because frankly, I just enjoyed it so much.  These days though, I clearly don’t have enough time to work as a season gift wrapper, however, wrapping gifts for my 3 children, husband, family and friends give me plenty of presents to enjoy wrapping for.

One way to really personalize your present is to incorporate homemade gift toppers. They make the perfect personalized touch to your wrappings, while adding a little bonus gift – it can be easily reused as an ornament! It’s also a wonderful way to include your family in “not another craft mom”  to make with the kids. After all, with middle school, junior and high school kids in the house, what better way to do something as a family and make memories!

Here’s one exagiftwrap1-667x1000mple you may like and what you’ll need:

Green and white felt (you can use small white pompoms, or substitute white with red)



Hot glue gun

Floral wire


  1. Draw (or trace) and cut out your template. You can print one off of the computer, or draw a simple sprig of mistletoe as we did.
  2. Trace template onto green felt and cut out.
  3. Cut several small pieces of wire and with hot glue, glue felt leaves around wire.
  4. Continue following this process until you have several sprigs.
  5. Take floral wire and make a loop at the top.
  6. Wrap felt sprigs around wire, alternating the height placement.
  7. Cut a thin piece of felt and wrap around exposed wire to cover. Secure with hot glue.
  8. Cut small circles out of white felt (or use pompoms) and glue arbitrarily onto the various sprigs. To use as an ornament, tie a piece of twine or string through the loop.


Alternatively, you can tuck your mistletoe sprig under a ribbon, enhancing a gift in such a simple way that adds a sweet touch to their gift.

Enjoy this craft and enjoy the season!