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Staying Rooted

July 26, 2022

How to make the most of your exterior!

Enjoy colorful, easy maintenance landscaping that welcomes your guests by using these tips from Nashville designer Pamela Standish of Usable Space Interiors

The outside of your home is a great opportunity for a first impression. Whether you add a few trees, or enough flowers to feed the butterfly population of North America, a touch of color adds beauty to the outside of your home and sets the stage for the inside. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you walk into a garden center, or when you scroll an influencer on Instagram who seems to have a foolproof green thumb, but here are some simple tricks to make gardening feasible for everyone. 

Lower maintenance evergreens, plants and annuals are a great solution to spice up any bare lawn. Some of my personal favorites are Hick Yews, Boxwoods, Japanese Maples, Blue Arrow Spruces and variegated Hostas, to name a few. All of these take minimal pruning and maintenance while providing a strong statement throughout the year. By filling in the adjacent spaces with complementary bright and bold annuals such as Black-eyed Susan’s, Impatiens, Shasta Daisies, and ferns, it is becomes easy to elevate your entry or back patio to the next level. I find strategically cascading colorful containers in different areas also provide additional interest and beauty.

Maybe you have more time and don't need instant gratification like me... planting seeds outside can be very satisfying, and the benefits are not just lovely plants. Gardening is a great way to practice mindfulness, move your body, get outside, and even bond with your family. And big bonus- you are supporting the microbiome of your home by supplying it with more oxygen. 

So whether you’re creating a backyard oasis, an amazing porch or just a small floral haven by your mailbox, adding some "life" to your home changes the game, for the better. So, dig in and enjoy!