7 fun ways to get more from your summer porch!

Summer is finally here! Kids are officially out of school and long, hot days are among us. What a better way to spend a lazy afternoon or evening, than watching the world go by from your porch which is decked out with comfy furniture and inspiring accessories.

Embracing easy summer living can be as simple as spending time each day on your front or back porch. There is something utterly relaxing about hanging out on the porch, whether it’s to sip morning coffee or to have a glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day.

To create a more inviting space, make your porch a place you can’t wait to spend time on, with these simple, yet, beautiful ideas.

  1. Channel the Hamptons. Natural wood, sandy beige and blue make a classic beach house combination that works anywhere. Unfinished teak furniture fades to sandy gray as it weathers, and it looks just right with indigo and linen-hued cushions coupled with freshly cut hydrangeas in a mason jar.


  1. Hit the flea market. Digging for treasures at outdoor flea markets and summer yard sales is always fun and adventuresome. Folding chairs, vintage wicker and small wood tables are natural choices, but keep an eye out for interesting containers for plants, mirrors and artwork, too. Imperfect finds you might pass up for the living room could be amazing on a summer porch, so keep an open mind.
  1. Set up an outdoor dining space. Eating al fresco is even more pleasant when you’ve taken care to make your space as comfy as possible. Start by using a table as big as will comfortably fit on your porch — ample room is best for leisurely meals. Add plump cushions to chairs, line your table with lanterns and hang string lights overhead for a Tuscan feel.
  1. Bring color outside with cut flowers. The next time you are cutting blooms from the garden or scooping up a market bouquet, why not take a few extra for the porch? Vases of flowers  would be unexpected and totally charming on the porch — you can sit and appreciate the blooms as you sip your morning coffee.

porch flowers

  1. Hang a porch swing. Just looking at a porch swing invites relaxation. And swinging on one while daydreaming on a summer afternoon is even better. Be sure to hire help stop ensure it is installed safely.
  1. Monogram it. Oversize monograms are a fun way to set your house apart from the neighbors’. Embellish plain letters from the craft store or keep an eye out at flea markets and thrift shops for vintage letters made of metal or wood. Don’t want to use your initials? Display the abbreviation for your city instead.
  1. Cool down. If the sun and heat are keeping you from enjoying your porch as much as you would like to, installation of a fan or a set of outdoor drapes could help. Bonus: The moving air from a fan can help discourage mosquitoes, too.


Bottom-line…Whether you love the outdoors or just need a moment to unwind in fresh air, we hope these ideas inspire you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Happy Decorating,